Call one of Chandler’s experienced consultants and discuss your requirements with them.

Fill out and return a detailed position description form, or ask your consultant for assistance in developing one.

We will go to our database of existing candidates and casual staff to see if someone fits your requirements.

If we do not have a suitable candidate, we will advertise at no extra cost to ensure we get the perfect candidate.

Candidates participate in an intensive interview process including a resume screen, phone screen, face to face interview and multiple reference checks

If your company requires staff to pass specific tests or examinations we will administer or arrange these for you.

You will be presented with 2-3 shortlisted candidates. You may invite these candidates for a final interview should you wish to do so.

You offer your preferred candidate the position! We are more than happy to assist with the salary negotiations, contracts and paperwork at no extra cost
Our permanent recruitment processes
Our Service Guarantee
Respect and
Unlike many of our competitors, we realise the value of our candidates to our business and we have the time and patience to listen to what it is our candidates are seeking.

We aim to get the best result for all parties – both our client and our candidates. Our careful selection procedures mean that each person is treated as an individual and we focus on placing our candidates in temporary assignments and permanent placements which best suit their skills, experience and expectations.
Three-Month Guarantee on Placements
We understand that it takes time to get to know someone new in your workplace, and it may take a few weeks to ensure they fit your team and your business.

That’s why Chandler has implemented a three-month guarantee, giving you peace of mind. Should you decide the candidate is unsuitable, or if they make the decision not to stay within the first month, Chandler will seek out a replacement for no charge.
Our Pricing Is Flexible and Competitive
As we are committed to servicing your business in a flexible and affordable manner, we promise to offer our services in a manner that bests suit your budget and requirements, and to beat any quote from our competitors.

We will not ask for payment until you decide to employ a candidate, we present to you, which means the entire process is free until we source the perfect employee for you.
Our Screening Process Is Comprehensive
We understand that your employees are a representation of you and your business. We have developed a recruitment process that is tried and tested and based on years of quality experience. Each candidate is subject to a resume screen, phone interview and a face-to-face interview. Our screening and interview process, developed over more than 20 years, is designed to reveal a candidate’s working style, ethic, history and personality so we can be sure they are the right fit for your business.

We complete two Australian reference checks for every candidate before they are presented to you. We can also assist them through the process of obtaining a police check and working with children check if required. Only if the candidate ticks every box will they be presented to you.
We Offer Ongoing Support and Advice
Once you have made a decision to employ one of Chandler’s candidates, we are available to help with any HR advice you may require, whether it be salary negotiations, award interpretation or contract clauses. If you are unsure, just contact one of our specialist team and they will assist you at no extra charge.

We use Ref Hub's reference checking software to ensure compliance and legitimacy of the referee


LET us WORK your LAND!
When all a you need is a reliable workforce to help you
plant, harvest and pack your crops; Chandler Agribusiness can carry out the job.




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Chandler Agribusiness is a full service agriculture labour provider. We ensure a healthy harvest and a stable workforce regime throughout the grower’s ecosystem, from planting to harvesting and packing of your valuable crops. 
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