We are Chandler AgriBusiness, a leading agriculture labour hire provider that offers an all year-round, fully compliant and experienced workforce to major producers and independent growers throughout Victoria. We specialise in agriculture labour hire for both permanent and seasonal placements in the vegetable, fruit, nut and wine industries.

We believe having the right labour hire provider on hand is an essential part of farming when it comes to extracting the most out of your land; because it’s not about just what you can achieve, sometimes it is about who is supporting you.

Cherry picking starts by late November until the end of January every year. With Chandler Agribusiness, we have done induction processes to all our crews before starting the job to ensure the quality to meet market requirements. Chandler Agribusiness can help you accomplish this operation with ease using our skilled pickers- nimbly and efficiently.
Chandler is striving for growers to reach their goal by supplying fully experienced workforces in Picking Snow Peas throughout the season. We're ensuring effective work to meet the market requirements of Snow Peas quality and this process involves many steps.
Cutting the Asparagus spears from the point closest to their attachment to the fibrous roots is the skill of our trained harvester crew. Chandler Agribusiness can help you accomplish this operation with ease using our skilled crew.
We deliver more than a reliable Agriculture workforce.
We change lives.
This is a sincere expression of how we view our role in growers’ lives: as guides and partners during a period of plowing, planting, harvesting and packing of their valuable crops.

And to deliver this experience, we find harvesters and packers who elevate their service through care and hospitality.

Happy Farming!
Whether you need farm hands for temporary, seasonal or long-term labour needs - all year round or just want to complete a few tasks around your farm, we can arrange the workforce you need-at simple, straightforward rates.

As we are committed to servicing your business in a flexible and affordable manner, we promise to offer our services in a manner that bests suit your budget and requirements, and to provide a quote that is better value than any competitor.

Our all-inclusive award rates and pay-as-you-go system mean that you only pay for the time you hire our workforce, with no nasty surprises.
Supporting GROWERS with a COMPLIANT workforce
For the right grower, we’re an extension of your Agriculture workforce - snipping, plucking, hacking, hauling, picking, packing and everything in between. From single placements through to large workforces - when and where you need them.
Good for Farmers;
For the right candidate, we’re your go-to employer who understand the importance of camaraderie in the workplace. We strongly believe that workers who feel valued and included in the larger process of the business by the people who employee them are motivated to make a real, tangible contribution to their farms.
Good for Workers;
As a leading labour hire provider in Victoria, Chandler Agribusiness continues to meet all its compliance obligations under the new Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 - to protect labour hire workers. This means that our employer clients are assured that their labour hire partner Chandler Agribusiness is fully compliant.

In fact, we have our own internal compliance unit that monitors all facets of compliances to identify and rectify any non-compliant findings.
For us at Chandler Services, running a labour hire company is also a lot like running a home. We are not about compromising on compliance to make an extra buck! We are about values; about the people we work with and the growers we serve. It's about our crew members; who have gone from being our employees to trusted friends and neighbours. We've seen the effects that paying a real living wage and work conditions has on our workers and their families. It's this spirit that makes our workers proud to come to work every day and be part of something big. It is truly a rewarding experience for both, the people we work with and the growers we serve.
Complete immigration checks
Current Visa checks on details and conditions for non-Australian residents
These checks our carried out by our own internal compliance department that continuously audits all aspects of current Visa details and conditions for non-Australian residents to identify and correct any non-compliance findings.
We understand that your workforce is a representation of your business. All our candidates are put through a rigorous screening process to ensure that we are not employing or contracting illegal workers, and that they have the right to work in Australia.

These includes:

Chandler Agribusiness offers a diverse agriculture workforce to meet your temporary, seasonal or long-term labour needs - all year round.

When you put your life on the farm, it matters who works on it.

LET us WORK your LAND!
When all a you need is a reliable workforce to help you
plant, harvest and pack your crops; Chandler Agribusiness can carry out the job.




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Chandler Agribusiness is a full service agriculture labour provider. We ensure a healthy harvest and a stable workforce regime throughout the grower’s ecosystem, from planting to harvesting and packing of your valuable crops. 
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