Labour Hire Licencing
As a leading labour hire provider in Victoria, Chandler Agribusiness continues to meet all its compliance obligations under the new Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 - to protect labour hire workers. This means that our employer clients are assured that their labour hire partner Chandler Agribusiness is fully compliant as humanly possible.

In fact, we have our own internal compliance unit that monitors all facets of compliances to identify and rectify any non-compliance issues.
Chandler Agribusiness exists to ensure that farmers benefit from a stable, reliable and compliant workforce.
Pay Rates & Conditions
For us at Chandler Services, running a labour hire company is also a lot like running a home. We are not about compromising on compliance to make an extra buck! We are about values; about the people we work with and the growers we serve. It's about our crew members; who have gone from being our employees to trusted friends and neighbours.

We've seen the effects that paying a real living wage and work conditions has on our workers and their families. It's this spirit that makes our workers proud to come to work every day and be part of something big. It is truly a rewarding experience for both, the people we work with and the growers we serve.
Right To Work & Visa
We understand that your workforce is a representation of your business. All our candidates are put through a rigorous screening process to ensure that we are not employing or contracting illegal workers, and that they have the right to work in Australia.

These includes:
Complete immigration checks
Current Visa checks on details and conditions for non-Australian residents
These checks our carried out by our own internal compliance department that continuously audits all aspects of current Visa details and conditions for non-Australian residents to identify and correct any non-compliance findings.
At Chandler Agribusiness, we work to improve the quality of farm labour for both farmers and employees.


Supporting GROWERS with a COMPLIANT workforce
LET us WORK your LAND!
When all a you need is a reliable workforce to help you
plant, harvest and pack your crops; Chandler Agribusiness can carry out the job.




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Chandler Agribusiness is a full service agriculture labour provider. We ensure a healthy harvest and a stable workforce regime throughout the grower’s ecosystem, from planting to harvesting and packing of your valuable crops. 
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