Customised Courses

While we have a wide selection of ready-to-enrol courses on our site, Chandler AgriBusiness recognises that when it comes to induction training for your farm, it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Our online training platform is easily customisable for your business’ needs.

Pick and choose from our base of safety training courses, and combine them with your procedures and policies. You could include:

  • Maps of your property and work areas;
  • Signs and areas all staff need to recognise and understand;
  • Your biosecurity procedures and
  • Specific machinery awareness.

We also understand that many of your employees may come from a non-English speaking background. There are many safety implications in having employees on your property who do not fully understand your farm and procedures. As a result, Chandler AgriBusiness can:

  • Translate your courses into any language your employees commonly speak;
  • Add a voice recording of courses to ensure full comprehension of presented material.

Induction and OHS Training

Joining forces with the Victorian Farmers Federation and peak industry bodies, we have developed a series of relevant and up-to-date online training courses as part of our commitment to farm safety. Our courses are smartphone and tablet-friendly so your employees can complete the courses at a time and place convenient for them.

Because all courses are online, we can offer this range of elite courses at significantly lower prices. There is also a substantial discount available for VFF members. Contact one of our friendly consultants today to find out more, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out when new courses become available.

List of Courses

Available Now Coming Soon
Advanced Health and Safety Artificial Insemination and Herd Fertility
Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace Assessing Livestock After Bushfire
Biosecurity – Grains Bushfire Recovery
Biosecurity – Viticulture Chemical Safety
Bushfire Safety Crop Disease Identification
Driver Fatigue Disease in Livestock
Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Feed Pad Maintainence
Fatigue Management Firearm Safety
Fire Safety Fruit-Picker Safety
First Aid Refresher Heavy Machinery Safety
Forklift Safety Humane Destruction and Disposal of Livestock
Hearing Conservation Invasive Animal and Insect Management
Hot Work Livestock Parasites
Injury Management Look Up and Live
Manual Tasks Low Stock Stress Handling
OHS Awareness (VIC) Mental Health
OHS For Farm Managers Milk Vat Maintenance
Personal Protective Equipment Milking Records Management
Quad Bike Safety Pesticide Safety
Seasonal Worker Induction Plant PIC Record Management
Telehandler Induction Recognising Sick Animals
Water Conservation Use of NLIS, RFID Reader Technology
Working Alone Weed Identification
Working Outdoors Working at Night
Workplace Bullying and Occupational Violence