Harvest Guide

Harvest Guide

While Chandler AgriBusiness works with clients across Victoria and across Australia, you will find some information about our busiest regions below, including their location, harvest periods and types of crops you may encounter.

Fruit Picking and Shepparton Work Area


Located two hours’ drive north-east of Melbourne, Shepparton is well-known for its agricultural and food manufacturing industries. Fruit in particular is in abundance, with peak picking season from November to March

Shepparton Victoria Harvest Work

Fruit Picking and Mornington Work Area


Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne is the Mornington Peninsula, a lush an scenic tourist area, as well as a busy agricultural hub. It is best known for its wine, but is also a region that produces berries, cherries and other fruit, as well as small manufacturers such as cheese and chocolate. Peak employment for casual farm workers is November to April.

Mornington Harvest Work

Fruit Picking and Yarra ValleyWork Area

Yarra Valley

Best known amongst wine aficionados, the Yarra Valley is not only ripe with viticulture, but home to stone fruit, citrus and berries. The lush area is only an hours’ drive from Melbourne and peak season is between November and May.

Harvest Work Yarra Valley