Farm Work

Working on a Farm

There are many benefits of farm work through Chandler AgriBusiness, whether you are a traveller from overseas or from another part of our beautiful country hoping to see more of Australia. See the scenic farmlands of Australia, the best office in the country.

Working with a wide range of farms, you could find yourself picking fruit, milking cows and working in fields around the country. Nothing quite compares to being able to physically see the fruits of your labour.

Great Pay Rates

At Chandler, all our employees benefit from receiving the award wage for your hard day at work. We pay you weekly and ensure you receive your superannuation and wage entitlements.

See More of Australia

There are short and long term opportunities available with our farming clients, allowing you to choose what suits you. Earn extra income to allow you to travel to your next destination or follow the harvest trail and go where the work is.

Farm work can take you to areas of Australia you may never see otherwise, deep into the heartland of the country. You could be rewarded with some of the most photogenic locations within the country, whilst being paid to do so, fantastic for those who wish to see more.

New Friends, New Experiences

Working on the farm will give you the opportunity to meet new people in the local area as well as travellers from all over the world! Working closely with others, you can become involved in the expanding industry of agriculture, forming friendships with your fellow workers and farmers, sharing experiences whilst you work.
While there are many benefits and usually no experience required, working on a farm can be hard and tiring work. You’ll need to a pair of good boots, a big hat and a positive attitude. For more information on what to expect, see our Employee Guidelines.